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Thursday, April 24 2008

With so many work at home opportunities out there, it is hard to tell which are legitimate, and which are of dubious origin.  This article has some great tips on telling the difference between a real opportunity, and someone who is just out to get your hard earned money.  And as always, trust your instincts.  If an opportunity seems too good to be true, it probably is.


How To Spot A Homeworking Scam
By Chris Gilmour

Before I started a home working business online, I was the most skeptical person ever. I saw online home businesses as a means to get scammed. If you look at many websites that offer a "golden opportunity to get rich working from home", you will find that many are indeed scams. One way to notice really is by reading the whole site. Do not believe anyone who says that you can make $1,000,000 in 30 days from scratch on the Internet. I have researched the whole internet and found no proof that this can be done by someone without any prior knowledge of internet income creation. The only way that this might, just might work, would be if you have a huge amount of money already and you are going to spend it all on Google ads. Then there is no guarantee that you'll reap the rewards.

Apart from the obvious, there are other ways. The biggest, apart from belief, essentially is your own research. Before I started a home business online I had one simple rule. Check out a home business opportunity then type it in the search engine with the word "scam" and in most cases there would be articles written by people who have been scammed doing the home business in question, and more often, if there were more reports of scams for the home business idea than there were positive, side with those who have been burned and stay away.

One of the best ways to spot a home working business scam is subscription costs. Now before you think that every home business opportunity that requires subscription is a scam, please don't think this. However, many scams offer a small amount to be parted with - say $10-20 - and advise no refund. People think it is better to lose $10 than $100 and the hassle of chasing $10 often isn't worth it but to someone who scams on the net, 100 people paying $10 for a subscription for nothing is $1,000 a day. That's $365,000 per year! The logic is simple but the final sum is huge. You should go with a home business that has been around for years, with many people doing it successfully and research of the internet will find this.

Often scammers will have 1 site and nothing else or a couple of sites linking to each other to try and seem like a legal and legitimate home based business opportunity .

Checking domain registrations are also a good indicator. You can check domain registrations easily and those registrations that don't provide all the relevant information I would suggest to stay clear from.

Check to see if the home business website is registered as a company in the website's hosting country. Some countries require website owners to be registered as a company (in Australian for a domain you need an ABN) and ABN details can be checked by the general public to ascertain if the company is genuine and legal.

Finally, the best piece of advice that I can give about online scamming websites is your own self belief. If it looks too good to be true (ie "Earn $1,000,000 in 30 days or we pay you $10,000") then stay away. Do not part with your hard earned cash chasing a dream and financing someone else's. Check everything and if you are certain that it is a home based business opportunity that you want to do, then I'll leave it up to you to take the plunge. But do remember, there are legal and legitimate home based businesses online. All you need to do is to ensure that you're going to start the one that isn't a scam.

Chris is the creator and writer of and advises people on home working legal practice.

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